Cheron Macdonald 

Adolescent Psychotherapeutic Counsellor and Special Educational Needs Consultant 
Like adults, at times young people can feel: 
Life is too stressful and they feel unable to cope 
Anxious and stuck 
They never feel good enough and are struggling with a positive self-identity 
Life is too difficult, it is impacting school attendance or creating troubles at home 
They feel isolated or bullied by their peers 
At times they feel misunderstood by adults and can’t work out for themselves how they are feeling, they don’t want to burden you with their thoughts and feelings, they may not be aware of why they are feeling down or stressed 
They have experienced trauma or loss and are struggling to move beyond what happened. 

Welcome to Cheron Macdonald Counselling & Consultancy Services 

Thank you so much for visiting my website, I am so pleased you are here. I am wondering what has brought you at this time, maybe you have been thinking about counselling for your young person but have yet to take that next step? Feelings like these can become difficult for a young person to manage, and they may begin interfering with his or her well being, behaviour, relationships and general enjoyment of life. Or you require advice and support about the support your child/young person requires from a Specialist SEND Consultant and Assessor? 
Allow me to work alongside you and together we can find a way forward. 

Adolescent Therapeutic Counsellor 

Maybe it’s time to consider an adolescent therapeutic counsellor for your young person, some of the benefits are: 
I can work with your young person so they can see the strengths and skills they already possess, whilst developing new strategies to support and overcome their issues. 
Together in partnership with the young person, I can help them understand how they feel so we can work towards them reaching their full potential 
I work alongside the young person so they feel more in control of their life 
Empowering them to find emotional regulation 
Help them to manage their anxiety 
Increasing self-confidence and self-belief 
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